Top Places to go Rock Climbing


There are literally hundreds of reasons to pack a Rock Your Way bracelet but here are the top 8 favorite places to go rock climbing in Thailand.

  1. Petchaburi – The Muang Tourist Near Chiang Mai is a great place to go rock climbing with over 70 routes. It is very close to the Thailand’s exit point and Bangkok and within easy reach of the tourist train that will take you to Sriracha.

it provides a fun and exciting morning with a climb to Kala Suthepang

  1. Kalka – The Kalka Elephant Safari is an enjoyable way to become one with nature in Chiang Mai. You can also visit the Tree Top Adventure Garden and the Green Tree Forest.

The view from the top of the giant elephants is very mesmerizing and a great learning experience, which will enable you to understand the diversity of nature of the area.

  1. Koh Samui – captures the beauty of this south point of the island. Samui is a fantastic place to relax, meet friends and enjoy the scenery. The sceneries of Samui are quite strong.
  2. Mae Hong Son – is situated 7 km from Bangkok and lies 6 km in the west of the expanse of theometers. It is considered as the cultural capital of the Thailand and its history is woven around that of the Burmese culture. Samui is the scene of the epic battle between clans involved in the Thai civil war.

This is the best place to explore the fascinating culture of the Burmese.

  1. Koh Tao – is situated 8 km from Bangkok and lies to the east of the peninsula. Full of emerald green pools and swift flowing waters, the emerald green pool in front of the Doi Inthanon International Airport makes it an ideal place to be While visiting this fabulous place, there are several attractions that await you, such as the breathtaking beauty of calm waters, the giant koi pond, the elephant park and dolphin park, to name a few.

A visit toKoh Taotakes you back to a simpler and more idyllic era when water was the domain of fishes and plants, and was not the stuff of civilization’s dreams.

  1. Krabi – is a major tourist draw for the Krabi town- It is a fascinating package that offers an easy-going resort with white sandy beaches, excellent sunsets, crystal clear waters, and the charm of an exotic jungle. The sun-kissed sand and the turquoise sea have enchanted Addis Ababa beach and Ayia Napa beaches south of Krabi. Krabi is a fascinating package of attraction where it offers an impressive 20 luxurious resorts, all set around the turquoise sea, that straddle the spectacular coastline of the Paradiso Island. It also offers an attractive collection of restaurants, spas and shopping centers.
  2. Manjounded – The Manjounded (5) is situated in the south-west of Tobago and presents a delightful small town atmosphere. Encompassing the picturesque island’s tempting beaches, it is a delightful retreat from the mid-models. And when you are on a Tobago vacation, Manjounded is definitely the place to go.

Tobago has wonderful beaches along the mesmerizing coastline and is bound to give your family a wonderful holiday. So pack your bags and vacations in Tobago and soak yourself in the world of beauty.